Septic Tank Services you can Depend on

Keep your septic system operating at peak efficiency with CB's/Turlington Septic Service. Our septic tank service and drain cleaning experts help prevent embarrassing, costly, and hazardous backups. Whenever our skilled technicians are working on a job, we are careful to no damage a customer's property, leaving it in the same condition as it was before we arrived.

Tank Maintenance

We pump your septic tank whenever it fills up. The complete service includes tank cleaning with environmentally safe products, filter cleaning, and pumping.

We Also Offer:

Excavation Service
Drainage Systems
Failed Leach Field Restoration
Gravity Systems
Grease Traps Cleaned
Grease Traps Installed
Leach Field Line Shocking
Mobile Home Hookups
Perk Tests
Precast Septic Tanks
Septic Systems & Tanks
Septic Tank Location
Sewer Lines & Sewer Systems
Tank Emptying
Treatment Additives
Sump Pumps
Contact our staff for septic tank cleaning and commercial waste removal that makes your septic system fully functional.